We will reach your destination

We at Bender Project know where to call the shots and how you reach the destination in the quickest and most uncomplicated way.

Our strengths

Our strengths are in planning and executing complex transportation procedures:

  • Transports of any unusual length, width and weight
  • Transport studies, route surveys along with obtaining necessary permits from authorities (dismantling of overhead power lines, installation of traffic guidance systems and roundabouts, building demolition work etc.)
  • Delivery and assembly of transportation goods through multimodal vehicle movement by road network, rail and ship which we handle in cooperation with our long-standing partners
  • Selection, organization and provision of necessary technologies, cost estimates for project execution
  • Construction and development of crane and transportation accessories
  • Planning and construction of bypass roads and temporary bridges
  • Transportation and handling oversized equipment
  • Transportation of transformers of 1 t to 450 t
  • Bridge sections up to 360 t
  • Implementation of open-cast mining systems
  • Ship cargos